Apart from the obvious; decorations, delicious food and a Dancing Queen Party host, here are a few tips to create that awesome party vibe:

  • Have a dedicated space for the kids to dance and party. Whether it’s the rumpus room, your backyard or your lounge room have a spot that is dedicated just to the kids, with a separate, but close area for the parents to sit, mingle and watch the activities happen.
  • Bring out your food after the entertainment. This allows the kids to fully engage with the dancing and games and ensures they will eat more of your food when they have built up their appetite from all the grooving.
  • Don’t give the kids too many options for activities. If you want the whole group of kids to join in with your DQ entertainer and create that cool group vibe for the birthday child, have the toys and trampoline (if we are in the backyard) out of bounds whilst the dancing happens. We promise our dancing and games is enough to keep the kids entertained and engaged for ages!!

Go find out more about Dance Parties and just how good they can be!


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