A Dancing Party – The perfect kid’s party theme

Dancing Party

We thought it was about time to tell you a little bit about why a dancing party is the greatest party possible for your kiddo. A dancing party is pretty damn amazing. It’s the type of party that is vibrant, smile inducing and full of excitement. But let me break it down a bit further for you.

Hearts pumping and booties shaking

It’s highly likely that you will be serving a bit (or a lot) of sugar at your child’s birthday party. An activity that is physical, such as dancing can help to combat those sugar highs. Dancing often improves cardiovascular health, stamina, as well as bone and muscle strength. It is an activity that is not only creative and enjoyable, but super physical. A dancing party is going to help promote improved balance, flexibility and coordination. These elements are incredibility important in the development of your child. Gosh! The health benefits are practically limitless.


Who doesn’t love to dance?

Everyone can dance. Everyone! Seriously. Practically everyone loves to do it, or maybe they don’t realise just yet, how enjoyable it can be.  Even the most shy children become more relaxed and uninhibited throughout a dancing party and start to ‘shake their groove thing’ the more they give it a go. Also, in our experience, boys love to dance just as much as girls. Dance is a crowd pleaser.


There’s no ‘I’ in team…

Building an exciting atmosphere or “community” is very easy to do with a dance party.  Kids love doing something active and enjoyable with friends – lots of smiles and laughter will be shared. It’s so beautiful to see friends encouraging friends, cheering them on and congratulating each other. It’s an all ’round positive experience and promotes connections and a sense of ‘team’ between your guests. And, don’t forget the lifelong memories made and all the moments they will spend reminiscing.


All you need is…

Love…AND a clear space to fit your guests. There is nothing fancy needed. In fact, a lot of our customers do very minimal or no decorations. The dancing is the main event and kid’s absolutely LOVE it! When we arrive, we need 5 minutes to set up and we are good to go. Ready to captivate and engage your party people. Don’t forget that children remember the good times had, not the pretty decorations that were displayed. Focus your attention where it’s most important!


I feel like I’m on top of the world

Well, it’s all those feel good endorphins! Dance triggers the release of endorphins that make the birthday child and your guests feel happy (and doesn’t everybody want that at a birthday party?) A dancing party helps to encourage self-confidence and self-esteem building. Your entertainer will have a positive and encouraging energy and make lots of uplifting comments. As well as asking your guests to encourage each other. It’s an all round love fest!


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