outdoor partiesOf course we do! We often hold parties in our customers’ backyards as well as public parks. We once hosted a party at a local council public pool. Where ever we are hosting the party, we just need power for our speakers (we can provide cordless speakers in most cases, just let us know in advance if there is no available power at the location) and a clear space dedicated to the dancing and games. We highly recommend SHADE for outdoor parties! This is imperative in the summer months as your guests will be doing lots of physical activity and can get quite fatigued if they are in direct sunlight. Shade from trees, large free standing umbrellas, pergolas and marquees can provide much needed shade in the hotter parts of the day. Don’t forget to provide something to quench your guests’ thirsts, we recommend water during the dancing and games or fruit juices.


A wet weather plan is also important to have. As you may well know, the Summer months in Brisbane and the Autumn months in Sydney often lead to afternoon showers and Melbourne is notorious for having 4 seasons in one day!

Go book in your outdoor kids party in Brisbane or Gold Coast.


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