With holidays coming up I often speak with customers hoping to hold their child’s birthday party before or after the school holidays. Why not hold it during the school holidays?


Kids Birthday Party During School Holidays

Here’s the benefits:

  • It can help keep your guest list a little smaller (admittedly some people do go out of town and won’t be available) and therefore you save money and can be that little bit less stressed accommodating a smaller group of kids in your home.
  • Many families stay put over the holidays so a midweek party can work well.
  • Your child can have their party on their actual birthday, if it’s a midweek birthday.
  • We have excellent availability to host your party over the school holidays, whether it’s a midweek or weekend party.


Here’s our tips:

  • Send your invites out nice and early so other mums and dads can plan ahead.
  • Hold the birthday party midweek as opposed to weekends as many parents are looking for school holiday activities for kids to participate in anyway!
  • Sometimes your little one has that one friend who they desperately HAVE to have at the party. Have a chat with their parents to find out their movements over the break before you lock in a date.

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