7 Most Popular Kid’s Party Foods

We have seen so many delicious and beautiful party foods over the years we have been hosting our dance parties. Which is a testament of all the hardworking mums and dads who try their very best to create THE perfect party for their child.

To save you a bit of time trawling Pinterest and, we have done the research for you and bring you the most popular and truly great kids party foods.

kids party food

Donuts – Donuts galore. Krispy Kreme’s, cinnamon donuts and apple donuts (read our healthy donuts blog here). We LOVE the idea of decorating your own donut; provide your guests with plain donuts, icing, lollies, sprinkles and choc and caramel sauce and set up a ‘donut decorating station’.


Choc Top Marshmallows – Dip your marshmallows into melted chocolate and cover in sprinkles. Very sweet but very lovely and usually presented on a skewer. Featuring at lots of parties for our youngest clients. Try this idea with banana pieces.


Pizza Delivery – That’s right! Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Pizza Capers, you name it, we’ve seen it and we’ve seen it work incredibly well and conveniently for lots of parents. Order delivery for a time that suits you and your entertainer and let Pizza Hut take care of the food while you enjoy the party!


Popcorn – Fresh popped and portioned into kid sized servings – presented in fun cardboard boxes, cute paper bags or plastic bowls. The kids love the smell of popcorn cooking, but this can easily be prepared before guests arrive. Set and forget.


Cupcakes – So cute! So yummy! And the perfect accompaniment to an amazing dessert table set up. You could always do a ‘decorate your own cupcake’ stand similar to the donuts above ^. Kids love the novelty of personalisation and can really show off their creativity.


Fruit Skewers – Bite sized pieces of fruit on skewers. This one works best in summer when all of the best fruits are in season. And that is our top tip; use in season fruits for the sweetest, yummiest skewers. For extra indulgence add marshmallows, a drizzle of melted chocolate or a chocolate dip.


Personalised Drinks – This is the number one drink solution we have seen. Pop top drinks with name labels on them, or labelled disposable cups. Try hand written names with a permanent marker, a printed label taped to the bottle/cup or a sticky name label from your label machine. So many options!! And so very convenient to ensure everyone can keep track of their drink and no one ends up sharing germs.

Customers homemade food

‘Wedding Cake’ – Homemade by mum.



One of my favourite party food memories was at a Charlee Cheerleader party for a gorgeous 7 year old. Mum presented an extravagant, homemade and truly perfect two-tiered blush pink cake and declared that Miss 7 had requested a wedding cake for her birthday.






kids party food and decorations

Made by Gillian at Crumbs of Comfort – Brisbane.

Beautiful Ballerina Cupcakes

Ballerina Cupcakes Made locally in Brisbane.


Homemade Ballerina Party Food items

Food homemade and photographed by mum – Emma Valentine Photography


Can you think of anything else that worked for your child’s party?


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6 Rules for Kid’s Party Invitations

The Who, What, When and How of Children’s Birthday Party Invitations

Big Kids Party

So much thought goes into creating the guest list for your child’s party. You want to invite everyone that they dream to be there, and of course don’t want to hurt feelings of children who don’t make the cut for the guestlist. If the guestlist is not super straight forward for you or your child, read on for our “Invitation Rules”.

  1. First thing to do is check with your school if your child is under 8 years of age. Some schools or classes have policies in regards to who you can invite to a party and how. You might have to invite everyone in your child’s class, or everyone of one gender, or anyone you like… but invitations cannot be given out at school. Follow these rules, as there is nothing worse than making someone feel left out. Ask your child not to discuss the party at school if there are children who have not been invited – this can be a good learning experience for your child.
  2. How many guests to invite? This amount affects your budget in more ways than one. The bigger the group, the more people you need to entertain, the more people to feed and the more people to accommodate in your space (you might need to hire a community hall if you have a huge group of kids.) But. Lots of guests does make for a FUN and LOUD party atmosphere.
  3. How do I cut down my guest list? Consider having a ‘friends only’ party. Invite your family to something more low key rather than trying to include everyone at the one event. Consider inviting only one gender. And define on your invitation if it is a drop and go party, or if parents and siblings are invited to stay. Siblings are likely to join in if they are there!
  4. When to send? We recommend you send your invitations out about 3 weeks in advance.
  5. Dress code. Add this to your invite if you’d like everyone dressed in a particular way. This is especially important for a themed party. Something along the lines of, “Come dressed in your favourite ballet costume.”
  6. Always have an RSVP date! This will ensure you know whom to expect on the day. It is likely that not everyone will remember to RSVP, so expect to have to chase people up, or be willing to accommodate extras on the day. We suggest having a few extra party bags, prizes and food, just in case.

You can download our themed invitations for your child’s Dancing Queen Party through these links. Just select your location, scroll down and click on the Dancing Queen character attending your party. Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast.

Kids Ballet PartyKids Party Balley Invitations









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5 Incredibly Effective and Simple Party Decoration Trends

kids party decorations

We think party decorations are so important. Here are the top trends:

  1. Choose one table or area to decorate. You don’t have to decorate the whole house or even an entire room. Simply dress up the table that will hold all the food or dress up the table the children will sit at to eat. Pick a colour theme and run with it. We recommend picking one colour and use different shades of that colour or picking two to three complementary colours. Think about the backdrop, table size and height and the colour of the food.
  1. Balloon. But not balloons tied together in groups of 3 like you had at your school formal. We are talking 30+ balloons tied together with fishing wire and hung above your food table (we recommend Command hooks for the job) or laid across the back of your food table. Foil balloons that spell out ‘Happy Birthday’, your child’s name or their age. Visit your local party shop for help or watch the endless YouTube tutorials. Balloons are back in party fashion!
  1. Cute serving ware can dress up your table. White plates, platters and cake stands are very versatile and can go with just about any theme and colour scheme. You will be amazed at the party deco and serving ware range that can be found in Kmart, Target and BigW. We recommend using cake stands and tiered cake stands to create height and interest on your table. Don’t over look cardboard and plastic options; these can be quite lovely and child friendly. A simple neutral tablecloth or a pop of colour works best under your serving ware.
  1. Even though I mention above about keeping the decorations contained to one area of a room. A lovely touch is having something at your front door/front gate. It might be a welcome message asking guests to follow the balloons or tissue paper pom poms to the backyard. It could be a string of paper ballerina’s hung across the front door. It might be a basket full of tiara’s/pom poms/hip hop style gold chains with a note asking guests to pick one before they enter. This really sets the tone and gets children feeling in theme from the get go, before they even set foot in the door.
  1. Balloons on your letterbox will help your guests and entertainer find you! Highly recommended!

Photos featured on this blog are of a rainbow themed colour scheme, with a pop of pink. Every paper item was purchased at Kmart as were the glass milk bottles and straws, spotlight for the table skirt, Typo for the light box and some serving ware from home.

kids party decorationskids party food and decorations


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Swap This For That – Healthy Donut’s

Swap this for that – Kids Party food – Donut’s

Healthy Kid's Party Food

Donuts are one of the trendiest foods to have a your child’s party this year. They are colourful and delicious and look fabulous on your party table. In this blog, we show you how to serve a healthier version of donuts at your child’s party, something still fun and sweet, but a little lower in fat and with some nutritional value. They are simple to make and the ingredients will be super easy for you to source.

I started with two large green apples; red would work just fine too. After washing and coring them, I turned each apple on their sides and sliced them into 5mm wide discs. You should end up with donut shaped apple slices. I then made up a batch of buttercream icing, choosing pink food colouring to tint the icing. I then proceeded to spread one side of the donut apple slice with icing. Finish off with some sprinkles, and voila! You have a donut!!

This donut looks appetising and contains vitamins, minerals and about ½ the fat of a normal donut. You could replace your icing sugar with an artificially sweetened icing to cut down your sugar content. We can’t get over how cute they look, how easy they were to make and how much kids love them! Good Healthy Kid's Party Foodenough to eat 😛Healthy Kid's Party Food








Ingredients: to make approx. 16 donuts

2 green apples

Sprinkles/100’s & 1000’s


90g butter

3 cups icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

¼ tsp salt

3 tbsp milk

5 drops of red or pink food colouring


  1. Clean and core apples using a fruit corer.
  2. Lay each apple on its side and use a sharp knife to slice into 5mm discs.
  3. Make up a batch of butter cream icing – beat butter until fluffy. Gradually ad in 1.5 cups of sifted icing sugar, beat well. Slowly beat in vanilla essence, salt, milk. Add in tint to colour icing as desired.
  4. Spread buttercream icing on to apples using a butter knife or icing spreader.
  5. Sprinkle with 100’s & 1000’s or other cute sprinkles!

For more on healthy party foods check out this blog post on Portion Control.

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Portion Control at your Active Kid’s Party

Portion Control: How to create a healthy kid’s party and still serve up the sweet classics.


Active kids party food

I think we have all been here… at a party, with so many delicious cheeses, dips, chips and drinks. So many you want to try that it’s hard to keep track of how much you have eaten. Until it’s too late and you’ve over stuffed yourself.

If you were to place everything you want to eat on a plate before you eat it, you’d have a better idea of how much is an appropriate amount for you to eat. This is portion control. You need to put a little thought into what you are eating before it goes down the hatch as our bodies take a little while to signal to our brain that our tummy is full.

Portion Control is important for kids too! And something they need your help with, especially if you want to host a healthy and active kid’s party. Instead of letting your guests graze all party long, why not give kids a serving of each item? Think plastic shot glasses for desserts, small cardboard boxes of popcorn, mini bags of lollies. You can utilize some gorgeous and cheap serving ware that can be found in KMart, Big W and Target party sections, not to mention online party supply businesses. The added bonus to this is that you can organise this ahead of time and place it on your party table at the start of the party to let the kid’s go for it. Kid’s won’t be stuffed full by the end of the party and will have room for birthday cake.
Active kids party foodActive kids party food






We put some fresh popped popcorn and grapes in these cute little cardboard boxes from Kmart then we tied a little string around each box for an added touch. For the sweet box we placed five gummy lollies, a chocolate, 3 marshmallows and a small handful of grapes. If you give kid’s a few options by alternating what you place in each box, kid’s can pick their favourite combo.

Active kids party food

Active Kids party food








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Kids Party Planning Tips: Atmosphere

Just before your guests arrive…

Turn on some background music. This ‘kicks off’ the party atmosphere and helps your guests feel instantly comfortable in your space. As the children arrive, take them straight to where you want them to be for the duration of your child’s party – the ‘party room’/backyard/back deck. Keeping them in one space helps to keep the atmosphere inclusive and energised. Give them an activity to do if they are less likely to interact with each other whilst they wait for the entertainment to start. Think…colouring, dress ups, bubbles or something that is keeping to the theme of the party and can be done with little instruction from you. Children over 8 years are likely to be more than comfortable to make their own fun and chat away during this time. Don’t serve all of your party food just yet! Food is best served after the entertainment when your guests have worked up an appetite. How cute would a personalised welcome drink be? Something with their name written on it and ready to hand to them as they arrive so they can use if for the duration of the party.


Read our other blog posts in this Kids Party Planning Tips series: Checklist, Decorations, Outsource, House Rules.

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Kids Party Planning Tips: House Rules

House Rules for a seamless party

To help your party to be a success, we suggest setting out some ‘house rules’ with your child. To keep the party contained in one area of the house ask your child to stay out of their bedroom/playroom/stay downstairs etc during the party. Don’t forget about pets, do they need to be cared for on the day or given a dedicated area while the party takes place? Remove toys that are likely to be fought over or anything that doesn’t promote a positive group atmosphere (iPads etc). Most importantly, get the birthday child excited to see his or her friends outside of school. They are bound to have a fabulous time when they know everyone is there to celebrate them!


Read our other blog posts in this Kids Party Planning Tips series: Checklist, Decorations, Outsource, Atmosphere.

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Kids Party Planning Tips: Outsource

Outsource to save you time (your time is valuable)

Outsource Party Entertainment

Why invite an entertainer to host the party for you?:

  • So you don’t need to come up with an hour or more of activities to keep your guests occupied
  • So you don’t have to feel pressure to keep your guests engaged
  • So you can interact with your adult guests and have time to take photos and videos of your child’s big day

Most of all, entertainers are trained and experienced at engaging large groups of children and ensuring they are having lots and lots of fun and are spoiling the birthday child on their special day.

Don’t have time to make party favours? We sell cute party bags full of lollies, a DQ sticker and DQ balloon, your entertainer will bring them to you on the day of your party and all you have to do is hand them out to your guests as they leave. Check them out on our website merchandise page and call 1300 377 278 or email to order. If you’re not into baking or simply want to save time, don’t forget about your local cake maker. Get on Google and Social Media to find your nearest cake artist.

Read our other blog posts in this Kids Party Planning Tips series: Checklist, Decorations, House Rules, Atmosphere.

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Kids Party Planning Tips: Decorations

Keep the decorations simple

Kids Party Planning Tips: Decorations


Pick one small area as the focal point to really drive your theme or colour scheme home; generally the food table. “Pimp out” this one table, don’t go crazy and feel like you need to decorate the whole room to give your kids party the ‘WOW’ factor. Concentrate on this one area to save you time so you can focus your efforts on other party elements. Choose one colour and use different shades to create interest on your table. Or you could utilize a neutral colour pallet with a pop of your child’s favourite colour. Check out Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and don’t under estimate the power of balloons, cupcakes and cute cake stands!


Read our other blog posts in this Kids Party Planning Tips series: Checklist, Outsource, House Rules, Atmosphere.

Photo & Styling Credit: Emma Valentine Photography





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Kids Party Planning Tips: Checklist

Create a Checklist

Kids Party Planning Tips - Checklist

It only takes 5 minutes to write a checklist of everything that needs to be done to host the perfect kids party. This list will put everything running around in your mind on to paper and will become a whole lot more manageable in just a few minutes. Make these Categories and add in your ‘to-do’s’: 1 Month before, 1 Week before, 1 day before. We highly recommend having a to do list for the day of the party too, just so you don’t leave your cute jelly cups in the fridge and find them that evening and realise you forgot to serve them to your hungry guests. Enlist the help of the birthday child to prep food/decorations (even if this “help” is just an involvement in choosing which foods you will serve) so they can feel like they are a part of the whole party process.


Read our other blog posts in the Kids Party Planning Tips series: Decorations, Outsource, House Rules, Atmosphere.

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