Kids Party Planning Tips: Outsource

Outsource to save you time (your time is valuable)

Outsource Party Entertainment

Why invite an entertainer to host the party for you?:

  • So you don’t need to come up with an hour or more of activities to keep your guests occupied
  • So you don’t have to feel pressure to keep your guests engaged
  • So you can interact with your adult guests and have time to take photos and videos of your child’s big day

Most of all, entertainers are trained and experienced at engaging large groups of children and ensuring they are having lots and lots of fun and are spoiling the birthday child on their special day.

Don’t have time to make party favours? We sell cute party bags full of lollies, a DQ sticker and DQ balloon, your entertainer will bring them to you on the day of your party and all you have to do is hand them out to your guests as they leave. Check them out on our website merchandise page and call 1300 377 278 or email to order. If you’re not into baking or simply want to save time, don’t forget about your local cake maker. Get on Google and Social Media to find your nearest cake artist.

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Considering using a party entertainer to host your child’s party?

Children’s birthday parties can be stressful and a little overwhelming for the parents at the best of times. The planning process is nearly always a fun and special time to discuss with your child their hopes and dreams for their big day. From considering the guest list to deciding the theme, decorations and menu….. how FUN! Then you think… what will I actually DO with the kids while they are in my house?

Entertaining little guests in your house can be a daunting thing, something that a high quality entertainer is trained to do and thoroughly enjoys. An entertainer will take care of all the activities, keeping the children entertained and engaged for ages, while you are free to chat with other parents and prepare and serve your food and drinks. It’s also a perfect moment to sit back and take some photos or just watch your child having a wonderful time.

Why not consider using an entertainer to host your child’s birthday party this year? We promise you won’t regret it! Take a look at our party entertainment in Brisbane and party entertainment in Gold Coast.

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