7 Most Popular Kid’s Party Foods

We have seen so many delicious and beautiful party foods over the years we have been hosting our dance parties. Which is a testament of all the hardworking mums and dads who try their very best to create THE perfect party for their child. So here they are, the most popular kid’s party foods…

To save you a bit of time trawling Pinterest and, we have done the research for you.

most popular kids party foods

Most Popular Kid’s Party Foods

Donuts – Donuts galore. Krispy Kreme’s, cinnamon donuts and apple donuts (read our healthy donuts blog here). We LOVE the idea of decorating your own donut; provide your guests with plain donuts, icing, lollies, sprinkles and choc and caramel sauce and set up a ‘donut decorating station’.


Choc Top Marshmallows – Dip your marshmallows into melted chocolate and cover in sprinkles. Very sweet but very lovely and usually presented on a skewer. Featuring at lots of parties for our youngest clients. Try this idea with banana pieces.


Pizza Delivery – That’s right! Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Pizza Capers, you name it, we’ve seen it and we’ve seen it work incredibly well and conveniently for lots of parents. Order delivery for a time that suits you and your entertainer and let Pizza Hut take care of the food while you enjoy the party!


Popcorn – Fresh popped and portioned into kid sized servings – presented in fun cardboard boxes, cute paper bags or plastic bowls. The kids love the smell of popcorn cooking, but this can easily be prepared before guests arrive. Set and forget.


Cupcakes – So cute! So yummy! And the perfect accompaniment to an amazing dessert table set up. You could always do a ‘decorate your own cupcake’ stand similar to the donuts above ^. Kids love the novelty of personalisation and can really show off their creativity.


Fruit Skewers – Bite sized pieces of fruit on skewers. This one works best in summer when all of the best fruits are in season. And that is our top tip; use in season fruits for the sweetest, yummiest skewers. For extra indulgence add marshmallows, a drizzle of melted chocolate or a chocolate dip.


Personalised Drinks – This is the number one drink solution we have seen. Pop top drinks with name labels on them, or labelled disposable cups. Try hand written names with a permanent marker, a printed label taped to the bottle/cup or a sticky name label from your label machine. So many options!! And so very convenient to ensure everyone can keep track of their drink and no one ends up sharing germs.

Most popular kids party foods

‘Wedding Cake’ – Homemade by mum.



One of my favourite party food memories was at a Charlee Cheerleader party for a gorgeous 7 year old. Mum presented an extravagant, homemade and truly perfect two-tiered blush pink cake and declared that Miss 7 had requested a wedding cake for her birthday.






Most popular kids party foods

Made by Gillian at Crumbs of Comfort – Brisbane.

Most popular kids party foods

Ballerina Cupcakes Made locally in Brisbane.


Most popular kids party foods

Food homemade and photographed by mum – Emma Valentine Photography


Can you think of anything else that worked for your child’s party? Let us know in the comments the most popular kid’s party foods you’ve served at your child’s party.

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DIY Ballerina Party – An Interview (Pt2)


Here is part 2 of the interview (view part 1 here) with our client Emma, who has allowed us an insiders view into her party preparation and her best DIY party tips for other creative mums. Find out below if going DIY really does save you money and what she thought about her Dancing Queen Party experience. All of the gorgeous photos were taken by Emma too! Take a look at her Facebook page, Emma Valentine Photography, for more gorgeous shots.

Homemade ballet party barre


What did you love most about your Dancing Queen Party?

Our party host made each and every guest feel so special. She kept everyone entertained the entire time with fun dance routines and a beautiful music selection. Anna Ballerina was punctual, extremely professional and accommodating.


Does your daughter Isabella take dance classes?

Isabella has been attending ballet since she was two.


Where did you source Isabella’s party outfit and your tutus that were hanging on the Ballet barre? What did you do with all of these tutus after the party?

I sourced Isabella’s tutu from Dance&Play  for $34.95 and found a beautiful piece of vintage inspired lace applique (priced at $8) from my local dress material shop Pitt Trading which was handstitched on the front of the tutu.

The tutu’s were an alternative to lolly bags and purchased from Balletstuff. Each of Isabella’s ballerina guests received a tutu at the end of the party.

Kids Ballerina Party Outfit


Do you recommend using a party hosting company like Dancing Queen Parties?

I definitely recommend booking a party host for your child. It introduces another element to your party. Anna Ballerina was amazing, she completed my daughter’s birthday. She is such a beautiful dancer and made all our guests feel like stars. Booking a party host also freed up my time to take beautiful photos of the occasion.

Anna Ballerina Sydney Ballet Party host


Would you make your own food and decorations again? Any tips?

Absolutely! I enjoy making the party food for our children. I don’t always end up baking everything on my list as I run out of time. Have a couple of back up desserts like rocky road or brownies, which can be made a few days before the party. Making your own food and decorations does reduce the cost of a party significantly as you are paying for other people’s time. Don’t leave everything till the last minute, do a little bit each week.


Were you able to save money going DIY in your opinion?

Committing to a DIY party is time consuming but also reduces the party cost significantly. It is also extremely satisfying seeing everything come together on the day.

Kids Ballerina Party Food



























Photo Credit: Emma Valentine Photography

Read part 1 of our interview with Emma with specific info on her baked goods and her trick for creating a beautiful homemade birthday cake for the time poor mum.

Want to have your very own Anna Ballerina party entertainment to delight and captivate your guests? Go here to find out more about our Brisbane party packages and Gold Coast party packages.

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