Active kids parties get your guests moving and grooving!

Does your child LOVE being active? Are you looking for a party host who can engage and take care of your active party entertainment? 

Active Kids Party

Charlee Cheerleader Party

Active Kids Party

Honey Hip Hop Party

At Dancing Queen Parties, we specialise in active and high energy dance parties. We believe that kids are made to move and be active and dancing is the perfect way to get kids having fun with movement. Choose from Honey Hip Hop, Charlee Cheerleader or Anna Ballerina to host the perfect dancing party for your child and their friends. Each of our characters perform an interactive and energetic dance party for kids who love to dance, move and be active.
Active kids party

Anna Ballerina Party

We like to keep things super convenient for parents by taking care of the dance entertainment, fun and prizes so you can spend time taking care of other aspects of your child’s party. And best of all, we make the birthday child feel celebrated and super special on their big day. What you get:
  • Your choice of Honey Hip Hop, Charlee Cheerleader or Anna Ballerina – our experienced dancers and entertainers. Learn more about our dance characters here.
  • Fun dance games exclusive to us!
  • Interactive dance routines
  • A Dancing Queen merchandise prize for every party guest
  • A birthday gift for the birthday child
  • A small face paint/make up/tattoo for each child
  • Dance themed Invitations
  • Our best party planning tips and advice