While DQ Parties provides all the entertainment, prizes, games, dancing and of course music, some fun ideas to turn your Hip Hop party into a Hip Hop Disco Party are as follows:

  • Clear out a lounge, rumpus room or even a garage (or just push the furniture to the side)
  • Get some disco lighting – turn down the main lights in the room and get your party started by hiring or buying an inexpensive disco light. Fairy lights work well too.
  • Have a separate, but nearby space for parents to mingle (dependent on the children’s age of course)
  • Hang a disco ball from the ceiling
  • Drape windows with streamers and tape balloons to the architraves.
  • A beaded curtain on the door or streamers hanging from the architraves is always a cool idea kids love.
  • The exciting and energised Hip Hop Disco atmosphere can be taken care of by Honey Hip Hop.
  • N.B. just be careful of having balloons floating around the floor and beware of slippery confetti on tiled or concrete flooring!
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