We recommend that the food is not served while we are entertaining the children to ensure they are not spending their time eating, they are spending their time dancing and playing games while the party host is there. Once the dancing is over and we move onto face painting/make up, then we recommend food be bought out, as the kids will be hungry after all the physical activity!

Here are some cute cake idea’s that we’ve spotted at parties!

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 9.55.28 am A fabulous Honey Hip Hop Cake one of our customers had made.


Ballerina Cupcakes








A truly stunning ballerina cake with matching cupcakes one of our customers had presented beautifully on their cake table at an Anna Ballerina party.








Some homemade treats that one of our clients made for her daughters Charlee Cheerleader party. The birthday girl requested a ‘wedding’ cake for her birthday and we think the mum did an amazing job at her version of a two tiered wedding cake.


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