Vacation Care Workshops

Invite us to your Vacation Care Centre to host a fun and interactive hip hop workshop that will ensure your kids get dancing, moving and working as a team.


Vacation Care Workshop

Learn awesome hip hop routines to the biggest tunes of the moment, play our interactive Hip Hop dance games, participate in our dance battle and receive a Dancing Queen prize to take home.

What We Do:


Hip Hop Vacation Workshop

Hip Hop Vacation Care Workshop Hip Hop Vacation Care Workshop








We provide authentic and high-energy Hip Hop workshops for boys and girls, 4-12 years of age.

Our Honey Hip Hop workshops are structured and developed by an experienced and qualified dance teacher with children of all dance capabilities in mind. Each Honey Hip Hop entertainer is a trained professional dancer and dance teacher who promotes safe dance practices and thoroughly enjoys interacting with children.


Call 1300 377 278 or contact us for a quote and our availability.